Biodegradable Dental Floss Picks

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  • Release time: 2023-06-19

Better for electronic environments - feels like plastic, looks like plastic, but made from corn. Our floss stick handles are made from corn starch-based PLA, a plant-based renewable floss stick that is vegan-friendly. The corn starch pick handle is biodegradable in compost, making it a better alternative to flossing than traditional plastic.


2-in-1 Natural Flosser - The durable single-wire cornstarch flosser ensures effective removal of food debris, and the tip of this biodegradable flosser easily reaches those hard-to-reach places for deep cleaning.


Tear-resistant, easy to use and carry - this natural single floss floss stick is designed to slide easily between teeth without shattering. Toss a pack of biodegradable floss sticks into your bag, car or desk drawer for a clean, fresh smile wherever you go.


Zero waste floss packaging - we no longer use plastic in our packaging, so our biodegradable floss sticks are compostable floss packed in 100% recyclable cartons. In each pack.


Recommended by dentists - take care of your oral health with our environmentally friendly flossing sticks every day. If done properly, our biodegradable floss sticks will improve your oral health and give you the ultimate feeling of freshness.

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