Do you know the types of dental floss?

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  • Release time: 2023-06-15

Do you know what types of dental floss there are?

There are many types of dental floss, which can be broadly classified as

1. floss stick

2. Inflatable and non-inflatable dental floss

3. Round flat dental floss

4. waxed, lightly waxed, unwaxed flossed

5. Correctly flavoured floss (e.g. mint floss, fruit floss) and unflavoured floss




It is important to note that not every type of dental floss has one property. Some flosses may have two or three properties.


Not to mention flossing your teeth, which is easy to understand. Unfolded floss expands when exposed to water, so it's better at wiping away plaque from adjacent tooth surfaces and improving cleaning efficiency. Looking online though, inflation doesn't seem to have an effect on the price.

Compared to flat floss, round floss is suitable for people with small teeth, making it easier to access teeth and clean deeply.


Personally, I think the thinner the floss, the better. However, if the floss is too thin, you have to consider the damage caused to your gums and teeth by the pressure. Not everyone has a good grasp of how hard and at what angle to floss, so I think flat floss is a good design. There is no actual data to back this up, but the popular flat dental floss online is not cheap.

Waxed, micro-waxed and unwaxed: Why are waxed and micro-waxed designs available? One is to increase friction and the other is to improve gum comfort. With wax and micro-wax can be chosen according to your comfort level. But everyone's experience is different. Some people are comfortable with wax, others don't like it. It depends on personal preference.


Flavoured and unflavoured meat floss: if you like flavoured meat floss, of course, anything else is fine as long as you don't say you like durian. If you have mint, fruit flavours, you can floss according to your taste.




Of course, if you don't like mint flavoured ones, you can also choose unflavoured floss!

All in all, the choice of flossing or needs to be evaluated based on a combination of personal interest, stitching level and comfort, with the right usage and correct use for your teeth and periodontal health.

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