Can flossers replace teeth cleaning? Is it necessary to buy it?

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  • Release time: 2023-06-19

Today we will have a systematic and objective understanding of how good water flossing is!
1. What is water flossing?


Water flossing, also known as scaling, is commonly referred to in the industry as a dental scaler.
It is a high-pressure, powerful jet of water that flushes the teeth, sockets and gaps in the mouth, edges that traditional brushing tools cannot take into account.

2、Where are the advantages water flossing?
Modern black technology - water flossing
It takes less than a minute to clean every nook and cranny.
The only downside is that water flossing is a bit bulky and difficult to carry around.
So take your usual floss with you when you travel or on business.
Many people question his ability to water floss. "Can you clean your teeth with something like a water gun?"
In fact, in addition to effectively cleaning your teeth, water flossing can also moderately massage your gums and improve blood circulation to them.


3. Which groups of people are best suited to water flossing?
1). Large gaps between teeth are easily plugged
Many middle-aged men and women, for various reasons, get larger between their teeth.
Water flossing is not only more effective in removing food debris than ordinary toothpicks and dental floss, but is also less likely to damage the gums.
2). Mild abnormalities such as oral odour, inflammation and tooth decay
Preventing oral disease is a matter of prevention! The frequent occurrence of these symptoms means that your mouth has given you a wake-up call, so grab this last straw!
3). Orthodontic period (except Invisalign)
Orthodontic appliances wear retainers, it is difficult to clean them up with normal brushing, flossing with water is much easier.
4). Retention of dentures and implants
This group of people need to pay more attention to oral cleaning and maintaining good oral hygiene will directly affect the longevity of dental implants.

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