Rotary Electric Toothbrush Battery Operated with 2 Brush Heads Oral Hygiene Care Rechargeable

We offer a rotating electric toothbrush with battery power and rechargeable oral hygiene care with 2 brush heads. We have been specialising in oral care products for over 20 years and cover most markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We look forward to being your long-term partner in China.
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Rotary electric toothbrush battery parameters (specifications) 2 brush heads Oral hygiene care Rechargeable

Project Name GT1105 Rotary electric toothbrush battery power supply with 2 brush heads Oral hygiene care rechargeable
Materials Anti-lock braking system
Colour e.g. photo / custom
Minimum order quantity 2000 packs
Description Voltage: 100-240V
Battery: NiMH
Frequency: 7600 times/min
Waterproof rating: IPX7
Battery life: 10 days
Colours: pink, blue, orange, green,
Bristle material: Dupont bristle round head
Product net weight: 96g
Case size: 215*130*49mm
Box weight: 330g
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