NEW ARRIVAL-Sleep Grind Guard


Tired of teeth grinding through the night?

Grind No More Dental Night Guards are perfect for those suffering from bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding or clenching. The grooved bite plate absorbs grinding and clenching throughout the night, while a specialized lip keeps the guard from slipping.

Use Grind No More Dental Night Guards to stay comfortable all night long.

1. One size fits all

2. Wear on bottom or top teeth

3. Reusable and disposable

4. Individually packaged

These night guards are ready to use right out of the package and can be placed on your top or bottom teeth. No boiling, cutting or molding required and they give you an instant fit every time.


Our night guards feature a comfortable bite plate with alignment grooves to help absorb grinding and clenching, plus a stabilizing lip to limit slippage.

These disposable and ready-to-use night guards are individually packaged, making them easy to pack for business or vacation travel.