PLA corn starch Dental floss


Take care of your teeth and the Planet with this compostable dental floss. Stainless steel dispenser you can refill a lifetime.

Zero Waste Impact
Flossing: We all know we should do it more often. Dentists recommend doing it every day. Unfortunately, floss is mostly made of nylon and comes in a disposable plastic packaging. So, basically, it is plastic wrapped in plastic. Being small and lightweight, floss thread is part of the plastic products that most easily enter the environment.
Natural alternatives to synthetic
Luckily some alternatives to plastic dental floss exist. The two main options are, bio-based plastic and silk floss. The former biodegrades in an industrial compost the latter biodegrades in your backyard compost.

A reusable dental floss dispenser
To be really eco-friendly dental floss, the container should be reusable as well. A reusable floss dispenser can be refilled with floss coils. Reusable floss dispensers are usually made of glass or stainless steel.

Dental Floss dispensers are usually made of glass which eventually ends up broken on the floor. With this stainless-steel dispenser, you are good to go for life. On top of this, stainless-steel is one of the world's most recycled material. Indeed, 60% of the new stainless-steel production comes from recycled material.

The corned based PLA is compostable in industrial compost. This means it is not made of petrol plastic and can easily degrade if matched with the right conditions.
Candelilla wax
A vegetable wax extracted by boiling the plant. It is a non-gelling thickener and film former with protecting properties and making it the perfect wax to lubricate the dental floss and enable it to slide through teeth easily.