How to use dental floss correctly and matters needing attention


The correct use of dental floss:
The use of dental floss is very simple. You can master it 2-3 times in the following way.
First, take a piece of dental floss about 30-50 cm long and wrap both ends around the middle finger of the left and right hand;
When cleaning the upper teeth, use the thumb of the same hand and the palm of the index finger of the opposite hand to tighten the floss. The distance between the two fingers is 3~5 cm, and then the floss is pressed down through the contact point;
If the contact point is too tight, do not press down the dental floss from the contact point, because it may break the dental floss or hurt the gums with too much force. Do forward and backward pulling movements through the contact point;
Put the dental floss close to the tooth surface, pull it up and down to clean the tooth surface, being careful not to damage the gums; each tooth surface should be scraped 4-6 times up and down until the tooth surface is clean and the sound of "creaking" can be heard;
When cleaning the lower teeth, tighten the floss with the index fingers of both hands in the same way as above.
If you still find it inconvenient or still not, I suggest you use a dental floss stick.
It should be an ideal time to use it when you rest after a meal or while watching TV programs. It is more effective to use after brushing your teeth. After flossing, please rinse your mouth immediately to remove scraped food residue, dental plaque and soft scale.
Of course, no matter how ideal brushing your teeth and no matter how expensive dental floss is, you cannot completely avoid tooth decay or other problems. Asking a dentist to check and clean your teeth once every six months cannot be omitted.

Precautions for using dental floss:
1. When inserting the dental floss, it should not be too fast, and it should be introduced slowly by sawing. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the gingival papilla.
2. You can wrap some floss from one side to the other each time, and always use clean floss to remove plaque on the adjacent tooth surface.
3. After using dental floss, please rinse your mouth in time to remove plaque and food residue left in the mouth.
4. Pay attention to moisture and mildew.