Electric toothbrush, acoustic wave type and rotary vibration type which good?


Modern people's life pays attention to a quality and health. In recent years, with people's attention to oral care, electric toothbrush has gradually entered People's Daily life.  

There are two types of mainstream electric toothbrushes on the market at present: one is rotary vibration, the other is acoustic vibration.  

Many people have a hard time deciding which one to choose. Let's help you analyze which one is more suitable for you.  

If a worker would do his work well, he must sharpen his tools.  Let's take a look at how both toothbrushes work.  

The rotary vibration type is driven by an electric motor. The toothbrush rotates repeatedly on a plane by a reciprocating pendulum. The toothbrush head rotates to produce strong friction force to achieve the cleaning effect on teeth. 

The working principle of the acoustic vibrating electric toothbrush is that the bristles are driven to swing by magnetic resonance, which drives the fluid in the mouth to flow quickly when brushing, and the resulting water cleaves hard-to-reach areas such as the gingival crevae and the space between teeth.  
Simple statement is: rotary vibration is toothbrush and teeth generated friction cleaning;  The acoustic wave type is high frequency vibration, while driving the water cleaning, the principle is more complex than the rotation.  
So electric toothbrush acoustic type and rotary vibration type which is better?  
According to the research findings, the rotary vibration is better than the acoustic wave on the tooth surface cleaning ability, the brush is cleaner, can effectively clean the stains on the tooth surface.  
But from the principle, we can see that strong rotating vibration will produce a lot of friction, more likely to cause tooth wear. 

Using a sonic electric toothbrush causes less damage to the enamel because it works in a more comprehensive way than rotating.  
Sound wave vibration type can clean some places that the bristles can not reach, but also through the water generated by sound wave, further wash out the residual between the teeth, to achieve the cleaning of the mouth.  
Technically speaking, the acoustic vibration toothbrush can clean teeth and blind areas through the flow cleaning force generated by the amplitude and frequency of vibration. It will be more gentle than the rotary vibration toothbrush and do not wear teeth and harm the health of the gums.  
Speaking so much I believe that many people have the answer, of course, radish cabbage to his own liking, your choice is suitable for you that is the best.