Tooth Polisher

Tooth Polisher is  a perfect use in between visits to your dentist to gently and effectively remove tough/ugly surface stains from smoking, coffee, tea, wine and food that normal brushing doesn't remove. It also leaves your teeth with that nice, glossy smooth feeling you get after a professional tooth polishing. 

DIRECTIONS: First place a small amount of the tooth polish in rubber cup. When ready to polish hold the Tooth Polisher upright in your hand with your forefinger near the On switch and a free finger on your chin for easier control of polishing Before turning the switch on. Use the rubber tip to spread a little of the tooth polish over the teeth you will be polishing. Then with the rubber tip just making contact with the tooth surface activate the power by pressing the switch and proceed to polish the teeth. Do not use pressure. The gentle rotating cup will give your teeth that polished brightness and gleaming smile. To install batteries to dental polisher, simply unscrew the handle from polisher head then drop the batteries into the base making sure that the positive (+) end of the batteries are facing up. Screw base and top securely together. Never immerse in water. After every use remove the cup and clean with water. wipe outside with a soft cloth or tissue. Not recommended for use by children 12 years old or younger. Caution handle may get hot if used for an extended period of time.