Kids Floss Pick

In clinic, many children aged four or five years old come to see the doctor and say that their teeth will hurt when they eat stuffed teeth. The examination found that most of them are caused by the occurrence of worms in the contact area of the two teeth. pain. The most important thing to really prevent cavities between the two teeth is to give the child a kids floss pick.

4 or 5 years old children’s deciduous teeth have already grown, and the size of the teeth that grow out will not change, and the bones that hold the teeth gradually grow as the child grows, so the two teeth gradually grow There will be small gaps, because 4 or 5 years old children’s neurosensory system is still developing and the sensitivity is low, so a slight tooth jam will not be felt. After a long time, cavities will appear between the two teeth. kids floss pick is a daily necessity for children besides brushing their teeth!